Learn How We’ve Grown
to Fulfill Pet Patients’ Needs

Our History

Marina Veterinary Center founder Dr. Rachel Jones began her pet health career as a successful licensed veterinary technician. For 12 years she worked in the areas of veterinary emergency medicine and critical care. After completing her veterinary degree, along with neurology externships at well-respected veterinary schools, Dr. Jones worked in private practice for many years before opening Marina Veterinary Center.

Discovering Holistic Medicine

Already well-versed in traditional veterinary medicine, it wasn’t until Dr. Jones experienced her own personal health crisis that she discovered the healing powers of holistic medicine.

After seeking traditional treatments for an ongoing medical condition involving her eye and obtaining no relief from her painful symptoms, she turned to an acupuncturist/nutritionist to see if there was anything she could do to help. That was when Dr. Jones was introduced to the holistic treatment known as muscle testing/applied kinesiology.

The treatment resolved her symptoms and enabled her to heal much more rapidly than expected. Dr. Jones concluded that if it could help her, then she wanted to see how she could use it to benefit her patients.

Dr. Jones invited the muscle testing specialist to Marina Veterinary Center to treat selected pet patients. The results were so remarkable that she decided to pursue an education in how to administer the treatments herself. That was just the beginning.

Since that time, Dr. Jones has trained in several different modalities, including veterinary chiropractics, homotoxicology, acupressure points, and pet nutritional medicine—as well as veterinary orthopedic manipulation. She is committed to offering the very best of holistic and traditional veterinary care to Marina Veterinary Center’s pet patients and continues to advance her knowledge in both of these realms.

Expanding Our Talent and Our Hours

As Marina Veterinary Center’s patient and client base expanded, it was time for Dr. Jones to obtain some additional help. She decided the best way to assist her pet patients was to invite veterinarians to join the practice who had different areas of focus. This way, she could ensure that everyone’s veterinary needs would be met.

When Dr. Karen Halligan became a part of the Marina Veterinary Center family, she brought with her a passion for general medicine, veterinary surgery, education, and preventive care. Her presence also allowed us to expand our hospital hours in 2009, enabling us to treat patients seven days a week. In addition to providing pet health care here, Dr. Halligan is also the Director of Veterinary Services at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles (spcaLA).

Our growth did not end there—Marina Veterinary Center has added two more outstanding veterinarians, Dr. Britto and Dr. Ramirez. Dr. Britto has a passion and talent for performing veterinary surgery. Her skills are so remarkable that she has become our in-house soft tissue expert. Dr. Ramirez offers outstanding care in the areas of internal and emergency veterinary medicine. To learn more about these doctors, as well as our other dedicated veterinary hospital team members, please visit our veterinarians and staff section.