Helping Horses to Heal
With Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine for Equines

At Marina Veterinary Center, we understand that there are times when traditional medicine is unable to provide horses with the health solutions they require. That’s why we offer holistic services for equines—to provide special care to horses in need.

Our focus is on difficult veterinary cases—those where horse patients have not responded to traditional veterinary therapies. If you are experiencing an equine health challenge of this nature, please contact us.Our veterinarians will carefully examine your horse and determine whether one or more of our holistic modalities could provide relief from his or her condition.

Holistic Therapies

We offer a wide range of holistic modalities for our equine patients. These include:

  • Equine nutritional medicine—Sometimes horses are unable to properly absorb or process the nutrition they need due to different “stressors” that are depleting their bodies. Whether it’s due to disease, parasites, or an imbalance brought about by any number of other equine health conditions, we can provide nutritional supports to clear these stressors out and put your horse back on a healthy path.

    Nutritional supplements can also be very beneficial to horses that are experiencing mobility issues, ranging from joint and ligament issues to sprains. To learn more about some of the quality formulas we use, please visit Equine Nutritional Support.
  • Veterinary manipulative therapies—We are pleased to offer veterinary orthopedic manipulation to our equine patients. During this therapy, your horse’s vertebral joints and extremities are manipulated using an “activator” device. This is done in order to restore balance and alignment, which allows for proper energy flow and joint articulation.

    This type of chiropractic treatment is typically followed by a myofacial release procedure. This therapy uses a Vetrostimâ„¢, which is very similar to the ArthroStim used with human patients, to administer pulses to affected muscles. This allows the connective tissue—known as fascia—that covers the muscles to be released, enabling tight muscles to relax and stop putting strain on specific vertebrae.

    These treatments can assist horses that are experiencing gait abnormalities, lameness, back pain, and more. When used in conjunction with nutritional therapy, the results can be quite remarkable.
  • Homotoxicology—This type of therapy bridges the gap between traditional veterinary medicine and homeopathy. We use this modality to treat specific equine health conditions via oral and injectable therapies. One form of injectable therapy is biopuncture, during which homeopathic remedies are injected directly into the injured area to relieve pain or treat a specific condition. This form of therapy is also becoming popular for treating human patients, as can be seen in this article from Dr. Oz.

    Once administered, these homotoxicology therapies help the body to auto-regulate itself and achieve equilibrium and balance once more, so that the horse can naturally restore him- or herself to good health.
  • Bach flower therapies—This treatment was founded by Dr. Bach himself, who felt that most physical diseases have their origins in emotions. By addressing the emotional component via the use of carefully prepared flower essences, the horse’s body is able to overcome certain disease syndromes. When combined with other treatment modalities, this therapy enables the equine patient to achieve complete healing in a holistic manner.
  • Equine acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine—Most people are familiar with acupuncture as it applies to humans. The same health benefits can be obtained by horses as well. During this therapy, pressure is applied to specific acupuncture locations in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine meridians. The application of such pressure to these locations helps the equine’s body to heal, thus restoring the horse to proper health.
  • Homeopathy—We offer a range of homeopathic products to enhance your horse’s well-being. While we do not practice classical homeopathy ourselves, we do work closely with a renowned expert who has more than 15 years of experience. We are always happy to refer equine patients that we believe could benefit from this type of treatment.