Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation:
Discover How to Free Your Pet From Pain

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation

At Marina Veterinary Center, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our pet patients. One of the ways we achieve this is by integrating the best practices of holistic and traditional veterinary medicine to provide treatments that are ideally suited for each pet’s individual needs.

Veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM) is one of the special services we offer. On the continuum between veterinary medicine and veterinary chiropractic care, VOM lies somewhere in between.

When a chiropractor is treating a patient, he or she will feel for anatomical cues that neuronal communications have been disrupted. This could take the form of a sore muscle or a bone that feels out of place. In the case of VOM, the veterinarian will locate these neuronal subluxations through the use of “pathological reads,” which are revealed through a pathological reflex/reaction. According to VOM technology experts, these reactions are similar to a knee-jerk response and are very easily detected.

Since anatomical cues are only present in 40% of neuronal subluxations while pathological reads are present in all of them, VOM enables the pet to receive a much more comprehensive treatment for his or her condition.

Veterinary orthopedic manipulation is primarily used to assist pets that are facing lameness and cat or dog arthritis, but it can also benefit pets with many other conditions. These include ones you might expect, such as cruciate injuries and patella luxation, as well as some that may surprise you—including allergies, excessive eye discharge, appetite disorders, enhancing the blood supply to kidneys, and more.

We are pleased to offer the following VOM treatments to our pet patients:

  • Orthopedic adjustments—This treatment is similar to chiropractic adjustments for humans. An “activator” device is used to exert a controlled force and pressure on a specific location along the pet’s spine, allowing our veterinary chiropractitioner to reset alignment and neuronal communications without introducing a lot of motion or trauma to the area.
  • Somatovisceral release—During this procedure, the activator device is applied to different locations on the patient’s body in order to reset nervous system communications and enhance blood supply to the pet’s organs.
  • Veterinary myofascial release (MFR)—This treatment is used to provide relief to pet patients that are suffering from muscle-related issues. Much like the ArthroStim used with human patients, a device called a Vetrostimâ„¢ is used to administer pulses to the affected muscle, enabling its facial layer and surrounding tendons to release and relax. This treatment option can be a wonderful alternative to physical therapy, as it provides immediate and painless results for pet patients.

If you would like to learn more about veterinary orthopedic manipulation and how it could benefit your pet, please contact us! We would be happy to schedule a consultation.