Getting a Clear Picture of Your Pet’s Health
With Radiology

Veterinary Radiology

When pets are sick, injured, or in pain from a condition such as arthritis, they can’t tell us what is wrong. As a matter of fact, they will typically try to hide their discomfort for as long as possible. Thankfully, we have advanced veterinary diagnostic tools like veterinary radiology to assist us in identifying any pet health issues that may be present.

Marina Veterinary Center is equipped with cutting-edge digital X-ray technology. This allows our veterinarians to produce complete diagnostic imaging of your pet’s chest, abdomen, and skeletal system.

Digital X-rays may be used to:

  • Check organ sizes
  • Look for heart disease or heart failure
  • Rule out abdominal blockages, foreign bodies, or obstructions that may require surgery
  • Examine the bladder and kidneys for stones
  • Check the lungs for pneumonia
  • Identify whether masses are present

Digital X-rays provide a much more detailed view than traditional film X-rays, resulting in a much lower risk of misdiagnosis. In addition, digital images are available immediately for review. This could make all the difference for pets in need—such as those facing bloat or other acute conditions that require immediate therapy or surgery.

Should a specialist’s insights or expertise be required, digital X-rays make that easier to obtain as well. Images can be emailed right away, allowing our veterinarians to use telemedicine to confer and arrive at a quick and accurate diagnosis.

We are also pleased to offer digital dental X-rays for the benefit of our pet patients. This technology enables our veterinarians to detect pet health issues that may be present within the oral or sinus cavities. This is especially important in the case of cats that are prone to an oral condition called feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion (FORL). To learn more about this, as well as other cat and dog dental issues, please visit our pet dental care section.