Health Certificates

Domestic and International Pet Health Certificates in Los Angeles, CA


Are you getting ready to travel with your pet? Whether traveling within the United States or abroad, a valid health certificate is often required.


What is a Health Certificate?

A health certificate is an official document that validates your pet’s health and wellness, making sure they meet the specific entry requirements of your destination. It encompasses thorough veterinary examination and verification of vaccinations, ensuring that your pet is fit for travel.


Why Does My Pet Need a Health Certificate?

Health certificates are a testament to your pet’s health status, ensuring they are free from contagious diseases and up-to-date with necessary vaccinations. They are a mandatory requirement for airline and international travel, promoting safe and responsible pet transport. Even if your pet is traveling in your own car, you may need a health certificate. It’s important to research the requirements in the specific state/s you are traveling in. 


Marina Veterinary Center Provides Pet Health Certificates in Los Angeles

Our team at Marina Veterinary Center, conveniently located near LAX, provides Health Certificates for traveling pets. In fact, we are one of only a few hospitals in the area that perform both domestic and international health certificates for traveling animals. The process is hassle-free and will ensure your pet is in good health for your upcoming travels.


Why Choose Marina Veterinary Center for Health Certificates?

  • Our location is conveniently located near LAX in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Proficient in handling both domestic and international certificates, our team will help you meet all travel requirements.

  • Marina Veterinary Center’s travel experts can help you determine your pet’s travel requirements and assist in filling out all the necessary paperwork.  

  • Our USDA accredited vets can endorse health certificates on the spot.


Schedule an Appointment

Travel confidently with your pet, entrusting Marina Veterinary Center with their health certification needs. You can click here or call (310) 642-8080 to schedule an appointment.

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