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LOVE Spay. The ONLY way to spay your dog.

What is a LOVE Spay?

A LOVE spay is a procedure that utilizes cameras and very small incisions to spay your dog. A LOVE spay has significantly less pain, shorter recovery time, and is much safer than a traditional spay.

Why is it called a LOVE Spay?

We call it a LOVE spay because we love doing surgeries that allow your pet to get back to normal activities quicker and with less complications.

However, LOVE actually does stand for something important:
L-OVE stands for Laparoscopic Ovariectomy.

L = laparoscopic: This is a minimally invasive procedure which uses small incisions with the aid of a camera to perform abdominal surgery.

OVE = ovariectomy: This is the medical term for removal of the ovaries. Removing the ovaries prevents unwanted pregnancies, diseases of the uterus, and breast cancer in dogs.

To learn more or schedule a LOVE spay procedure, give our team a call at (310) 642-8080.

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